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PostSubject: application form   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:11 am

-Hi , Im JMao but its usaly mao just that i needed an extra letter rofl
-My Name is Marc-André Im a lil frenchy lolz
-Im 21
-im currently a lvl 41 warlock i might make a warrior later
-in aika i want to be able to dominate , make good friends (trust worthy friends) i wanna make a major dps caracter i love pvp and i hope to have a title like in other games , being people's nightmare lolz
-To the Nightmare guild i can offer support in pvp , in helping other members i will bring strategies , my loyalty witch is the greatest thing i can offert , As long as i have respect =) i wanna be able to grow with a guild and help the guild gain strenght
- i expect a guild to be able to help me as i am able to help the guild out , i expect a guild to ask me when they are doing a big move i expect to have the respect ive gained
-im almost always online lol its funny to say but i have a new born son so i get up early and when he goes back to sellp i play and i do that all along the day so lets say anywhere betwin 7 am est(-5h) to midnight est(-5h)
-i devote alot to mmo's and if people want to add me to msn to be able to contact me ive let my email on my forum profile so im always ready (cept maybe at 3 am xD)
- ive played too many games lolz ive got like 25 caracters to lvl 95+ on diablo 2 ( max lvl was 99 but impossible to get it was like 600 hours of game play from only 98-99 even botters wernt 99 lol) then ive played Conquer online ive had so many reborn caracter (130-xxx) then ive had my trojan on there that was 130-132-133 (reborn gets u to lvl 15 again) ive played flyff to lvl 90 ive played wow got 2 caracters to lvl 80 (druid and rogue) and many others mmo'S that ive got bored of fast im a hard grinder if i dont get bored
-Well ive always pvped in conquer i was clasified at the king of fb of my server
if people would ask who mao is other players would answer them that i was there worst nightmare , i like to work hard and get the results ive worked for people on my side usaly say that im good people against me like to hate me lolz

- Ive had a 245 member guild im a realy good strategist i work hard in front of people and i work even harder on sidelines in other guilds that i havent been GL ive been strategist making them plans gathering guildies making out forums and protectinmg my guild mates play hard take names and kick sum asses Smile
-Im ready to contribute to the guild and i already enjoy being in the guild

Thank you very much for taking time to read my request and have agreat day .
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PostSubject: Re: application form   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:11 am


~Love Atoli

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application form
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