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PostSubject: Application   Thu May 06, 2010 2:44 pm

What is your character's name in-game?
Bocephus, my usual tag was already taken Razz

What is your name?
(first name only please, I do not want or need to know your last name.)

How old are you?

What level are you in Aika?

Which class(es) are you going to play?

What goals have you set for yourself to reach in Aika online?
Level up and pvp

What can you offer to Nightmare guild?
I have alot of pvp background in other games most recently shaiya. There I was one of the best ^^ and I have a hard time not being one of the best in whatever i do

What do you expect Nightmare guild to offer you?
Knowledge, that to be honest is my number 1 motivation for joining a guild, as I have just joined the game today i needed to look for a pvp guild that could help answer questions and help me grow to become a top player in this game as well.

What time are you normally online?
(please add in your timezone, since 5pm Eastern time is not the same as 5pm pacific time)
most of the day from noon est to 8 est

How much time do you devote to MMOs on a daily basis?
around 5 hours on week days more on weekends

Have you played any MMOs in the past? If so, which MMO's have you played, and what levels did you reach in those MMOs? Yes i have played Shaiya in the past a highly active pvp game due to prices on in game items i decided it was time to leave the game. Shaiya max lvl cap is 60, i have four 60's and 5 others 55+. Sonneillon my hunter was my most active in pvp has 66k+ kills

Are you willing to learn and accept criticism if you are found to be doing something incorrectly?
^^ only way to learn is to learn from those that are already doing it. Thats how i figured out how to play my toon and will continue to listen.

Would others rate you a good MMO player?
I only played 1-60 zone because it took the most skill but u can see that others can answer that question for themselves I was considered top 3.
my pvp rank and kills

Were you in any of the top guilds in those games? If so, what role did you play? (IE: were you a guildleader, were you involved in the forums, or in charge of planning alliances with other guilds, did you participate in guild events frequently...?)I was a top pvper for my guild and main DPS on most bosses. I was at every guild event.

There is a weekly maintenance fee to keep Nightmare guild running. If it is not paid, the guild will get disbanded. This is an in-game rule set by the developers. Knowing this, would you contribute gold to the weekly maintenance cost to maintain Nightmare guild?
I imagine that it wont cost to much so yes

On a final note the application thread says a min lvl of 10 so i applied but after lookin at other threads I noticed that you kept saying 20+ understandable and I should be there sometime tommarow. Just wanted to get an app in and see what happens ^^
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-05-06

PostSubject: Re: Application   Fri May 07, 2010 7:50 am

Now lvl 25
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