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 meh application

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Guild Member

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PostSubject: meh application   Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:31 am

Nightmare Guild: Application form

What is your character's name in-game?

What is your name?
(first name only please, I do not want or need to know your last name.)

How old are you?

Which class(es) are you going to play?
cleric, maybe pala

What goals have you set for yourself to reach in Aika online?
dunno im here for fun only

What can you offer to Nightmare guild?

What do you expect Nightmare guild to offer you?

What time are you normally online?
(please add in your timezone, since 5pm Eastern time is not the same as 5pm pacific time)
various, and my time zone is GMT its +9 to PST

How much time do you devote to MMOs on a daily basis?
much Razz

Have you played any MMOs in the past? If so, which MMO's have you played, and what levels did you reach in those MMOs?
Requiem Bloodymare: Radiant (healer) 74; Assassin 70
Karos Online: Mage 37

Would others rate you a good MMO player?
ask others

Were you in any of the top guilds in those games? If so, what role did you play?
Requiem i runned for some time top guild on pk server

There is a weekly maintenance fee to keep Nightmare guild running. If it is not paid, the guild will get disbanded. This is an in-game rule set by the developers. Knowing this, would you contribute gold to the weekly maintenance cost to maintain Nightmare guild?
already did, and will put as much as its needed

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PostSubject: Re: meh application   Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:39 am

Accepted. Thanks for *finally* posting on here. Rolling Eyes

~Love Atoli

FW CB: Athalia- lvl 40 Bard
RF online: Letorn server lvl 40 Holy Chandra
Vindictus- Falu (an evie) West server
Rappelz: Kylaura 101 Bishop (Fenrir) Imogen lvl 60ish Shadow Hunter (Unicorn) and lvl 61 Archer on Pantera server.
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meh application
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